We collect data for​ Inspection


Automatic Transmission Tower Inspection

Automatic collection of ultra-high resolution images ensure effective visual inspection of components and rust levels with repeatable results.

Detailed Inspection

Our detailed inspections provide valuable information about the current condition of specific components and help to prevent failures.

Vegetation Inspection

Proactive identification of potential vegetation issues can reduce the risk of power outages and wildfires.

Critical Infrastructure

We collect data on critical infrastructure and create customized flight plans for the specific inspection type. This improves operation safety and the quality and repeatability of the gathered data.

Large Scale High-resolution Mapping

Mapping provides valuable information for decision-making in land use, resource management, and other areas. The data can be visualised as detailed 2D orthomosaics and high density 3D point-clouds.

Corridor Mapping

Data collection along large distances can assist in a real-time overview of current activity surrounding areas of interest. Flights can be automated with pre-programmed flight paths, enabling systematic and routine surveillance.


Custom inspection equipment

In cases where existing equipment is not sufficient for the needs of an inspection, we can help design and create custom equipment to collect the necessary data.

Payload integration

Our payload integration services enhance the capabilities of aerial vehicles, making them more practical for a variety of applications. We can test existing payload solutions, or help create a robust payload for the specific use case.

In-house production of UAS

By designing and manufacturing UAV parts in-house, we are able to quickly iterate on the design to ensure the best possible solution.

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At InnoPilot, we believe in the transformative potential of drone technology and are dedicated to helping our clients leverage it to solve real-world problems. Whether you need to collect data for mapping, surveying, inspection, or any other purpose, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

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